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Multi-functional High Density Magic Sponge Eraser

  • EXTRA STRENGTH: Our hot pressed sponges will last longer and work harder than most others. All melamine erasers will shrink with use but ours are twice as strong as similar products.

  • ALL PURPOSE: Remove almost any stain or smudge from most surfaces. This includes metals, ceramics, wood, glass, and even clothes.
  • NO ADDITIVES: Our sponges are SGS tested to have 100% melamine composition. No detergents, scents, or coloring are used. Simply pour water, squeeze excess, erase.

  • SEALED PACKAGING: Every two sponges are packaged in sealed plastic for long term storage. For a value pack this is a must.
  • COMFORTABLE SIZE: All 50 sponges come in the standard size without a mix of smaller sponges to make the number, as is the case with most value packs.